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How to choose your architect?

A clear understanding of project goals and processes is the cornerstone of project realization. As you embark on the design journey together, it's essential to address key questions from the outset:

1. What is the design process?

Familiarizing the client with the design process offers clarity on the path towards achieving their objectives. While each architect may have a distinct approach tailored to the project type, they can also adapt their process to meet the client's needs.

2. What does the service include?

Although the design process remains fundamentally consistent, the specific stages may vary depending on the project type. Prior to commencement, it's crucial to outline the stages relevant to the project and confirm their inclusion in the design service cost.

3. What is the potential scope of changes?

Recognizing the potential for changes throughout the realization process is vital, given the myriad factors that may necessitate adjustments. Discussion surrounding the addition, removal, or replacement of project components, along with anticipated percentage variations, equips stakeholders to navigate unforeseen challenges effectively.

4. What is the architect's experience in your project type?

Assessing the architect's proficiency in addressing similar challenges provides valuable insight into their suitability for the project.

5. How will the architect contribute to achieving your goals and enhancing project value?

Aligning values and fostering a collaborative approach are integral to project success. The architect's ability to adapt and add value throughout the project lifecycle ensures a mutually beneficial partnership.

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