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Tel: +359 882 566451

       +359 888 010713


Address: 18 str. Veslets,

Sofia, Bulgaria

When reaching out to us:

1. Initial Consultation: We'll arrange a meeting to grasp your preferences, requirements, and vision for the project.

2. Objective and Requirement Discussion: We'll define the functions, activities, and specific requirements for the space.

3. Process Explanation: We'll provide an overview of the design process, detailing phases, timelines, and potential challenges.

4. Q&A and Customer Input: You can ask questions, and we'll address any concerns that arise.

5. Budget and Timeline Dialogue: We'll discuss the budget and desired project schedule.

6. Next Steps: We'll outline the upcoming design phases and explore the possibility of proceeding with a design quote.

This initial interaction marks the start of a collaborative journey, aiming to comprehend your needs and preferences as we explore how to make your dream project a reality.

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