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Discussing architecture beyond its craftsmanship presents a challenge, as our preparedness often falls short. In Bulgaria, architecture struggles to permeate public consciousness as an art form, overshadowed by its utilitarian role, which obscures its dualistic essence.


Yet, delving into architecture transcends mere property values and material considerations. Unlike other art forms, we don't merely encounter architecture; we inhabit it from birth. Its volumetric and spatial language subtly shapes our experiences, encoding our perceptions and influencing our quality of life.


Engaging in architectural discourse opens avenues for comprehension and the establishment of evaluative criteria, ultimately enhancing our collective well-being. Behind every finished structure lies a complex, collaborative process that expands our linguistic capabilities and fosters critical reflection on our built environment.


However, contemporary perceptions often reduce architecture to financial metrics, with professionals tethered to market dynamics and profit margins. This narrow view neglects architecture's intrinsic value beyond monetary gain.


Investing in real estate reigns supreme in Bulgaria, perpetuating outdated ideologies and misconceptions about architecture's societal significance. Understanding a discipline we're largely unfamiliar with proves challenging, given the nuanced interplay of spatial language, perception, and experience.


In societies where architecture was esteemed prior to profit-driven commodification, its integrity remained resilient. Exposure to thoughtfully crafted environments instills tacit criteria, shaping our aesthetic sensibilities and responses to the built environment.


When we admire a building, we intuitively respond to its formal language—its volumes, proportions, and colors—which resonate with our innate understanding of space and form. Architects bear a profound responsibility, not only in their creations but also in shaping societal perceptions and fostering a discourse on architecture's intangible attributes.


By articulating the transformative impact of architecture on our lives, we cultivate a shared language capable of effecting positive change. In elucidating its intrinsic value, we empower architecture to transcend its material constraints and catalyze societal progress.

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