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While the fundamental stages are akin to new construction, the refurbishment process demands a tailored approach, navigating the intricacies of existing structures, regulatory considerations, and the delicate balance between preservation and modernization

In refurbishment, the design process shares similarities with new construction but involves specific considerations:

- Requires a thorough assessment of the existing structure's condition, identifying areas for improvement, and understanding the limitations and possibilities of the site.

- Involves working within the constraints of the existing structure, adapting designs to the building's form, layout, and structural elements.

- Balances the preservation of the existing structure's character with the need for modernization and improvements.

- May involve obtaining approvals for changes to existing structures, especially if they are historically significant or subject to conservation guidelines.

- Requires adapting existing spaces to meet the client's needs, which may involve reconfiguring layouts, updating finishes, and addressing structural issues.

​ - Construction may uncover hidden issues or require adjustments based on the existing structure, adding complexity to the process.

- Budgets and timelines may be influenced by the condition of the existing structure and the extent of improvements needed.

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