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Completion year:2014

Project location: Bansko, Bulgaria  

Nestled within a prestigious Kempisnki Bansko hotel, this architectural project unveils the luxurious charm of a presidential apartment in quintessential chalet style. The interior design is a symphony of sophistication and coziness, with fine Italian wooden furniture serving as the epitome of opulence.

Upon entering, the warmth of a crackling fireplace immediately captivates, creating an inviting focal point that complements the breathtaking view of the ski slopes through expansive windows. The chalet-style ambiance is further heightened by the meticulous use of natural finishes – rich wood and exquisite stone elements that seamlessly blend rusticity with refined elegance.

The interior boasts a curated selection of fine Italian furniture, imparting a sense of luxury and comfort. Plush fabrics and tasteful upholstery adorn the seating, providing an intimate retreat after a day on the slopes. The lighting design is a testament to sophistication, casting a gentle glow that accentuates the natural finishes and enhances the overall ambiance.

Every detail reflects an uncompromising commitment to excellence, from the meticulously crafted wooden furnishings to the exquisite stone accents. The result is a presidential apartment that encapsulates the epitome of alpine luxury, where guests can unwind in style amidst the cozy embrace of chalet-inspired opulence, all while enjoying panoramic views of the snow-covered ski slopes.


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