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Interior design

Interior design serves as the essential complement to building design, seamlessly harmonizing functionality, aesthetics, and user experience within the architectural framework.

Explore our design approach to gain insights into what you can anticipate from the process.

The interior design process typically comprises several stages, with variations based on the project or client preferences. Here is a general overview of the interior design stages:


1. First Stage - Concept design:

1.1. Initial Consultation:

     - Meeting with the client to understand preferences, requirements, and the vision for the space.

1.2. Architectural survey:

-If you lack drawings of the space, we conduct a comprehensive architectural survey of the object. In situations where you possess full or partial information, we verify dimensions on-site.

 1.3. Assignment:

  - Defining the functions, activities, and specific spatial requirements for the space.

 1.4. Concept Development and preliminary research:

 - Creating a design concept capturing the desired aesthetic, mood, and overall theme.

 - Studying existing examples globally and incorporating relevant references.

1.5.Concept design

 - Developing an initial design aligning with the client's brief.


   What to expect at this stage? – Functionality, vision, material choices, furniture proposals, and lighting references are clarified through visualizations, plans, and sections. The process is interactive, allowing for adjustments in line with client preferences.


2. Second Stage - Technical Project:

2.1. Technical/Detailed Project:

 - Refining the chosen design concept, specifying materials, furnishings, and finishing works in detail.

- Coordinating solutions for the space in terms of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC components.

 - Creating detailed drawings, specifications, and schedules required for construction or execution.

- Specifying furniture, built-in furniture, and equipment in preparation for ordering.


   What to expect at this stage? – Comprehensive technical documentation necessary for project implementation. This includes drawings, specifications, and discussions with manufacturers to ensure coordination of individual details for a cohesive final result.


   Note: While we can hand over this part of the project to you, our experience suggests that allowing us to oversee the entire project results in a smoother process and a final outcome closer to your concept.


3. Third Stage - Project Management:

   - Coordinating project implementation, collaborating with contractors, and ensuring adherence to the project plan.

   - Managing the delivery and installation of furniture and coordinating final details to complete the interior.


   Key Emphasis: The focus here is on synchronization, proper planning, adherence to delivery deadlines, and precise execution of details. Entrusting us with project management ensures timely delivery with quality materials and tested products.

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