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Furniture and product design

Take a look at our process to gain a deeper understanding of our work and approach.

These stages provide a structured approach to developing interior products, from the initial concept to the final launch, ensuring a thoughtful and well-executed design process.

When we work on your project, we will go through the following stages:

1. First Stage - Conceptualization:

1.1. Concept - Goals and Requirements:

- Generating ideas and conceptualizing the overall design direction of interior products.

1.2. Feasibility Study:

- Conducting research to gather inspiration, trends, and materials related to product design.

1.3. Conceptual Design:

- Creation of initial sketches and consideration of various design options for interior products.

- Translating hand sketches into digital prototypes, refining design details and dimensions.

- Selection of suitable materials based on functionality, aesthetics, and the overall design concept.

What do you get at this stage? - References of similar products, sketches, visualizations, three-dimensional and two-dimensional drawings, samples of materials - any illustrative material to orient you as much as possible about what the final product will be. It is crucial at this stage to make necessary changes and clarify your requirements, as the preparation stage for production follows.

2. Second Stage - Technical/Detailed Project:

2.1. Technical/Detailed Project:

- Development of detailed technical drawings and specifications required for production.

2.2. Prototyping, Testing, and Refining:

- Creating mock-ups to test the functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics of the design.

- Design improvement based on feedback.

2.3. Production Drawings:

- Finalization of production drawings.

2.4. Project Management:

- Production process management, quality control.

What to expect at this stage? - The final product!

It is possible that difficulties will arise during the implementation process, leading to changes in the agreed design. Any modifications will be discussed with you to move forward. All other processes after the approval of the conceptual design remain hidden from you, as they are closely related to technical implementation details, subject to discussion with the contractors.

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