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Our consulting services demonstrate the diverse expertise we bring to the table, extending beyond the traditional roles of design and construction oversight.

Our goal is to assist clients in making informed decisions throughout the entire lifecycle of a project.

We provide various consulting services beyond the traditional design and construction phases. Here are some consulting services that we may offer:


1. Feasibility Studies:

   - Assessing the viability of a project based on factors such as site conditions, zoning regulations, and budget constraints.


2. Site Analysis:

   - Evaluating the site's characteristics, including topography, climate, and environmental considerations, to inform the design process.


3. Programming:

   - Collaborating with clients to define the functional requirements and spatial needs of a project before the design phase begins.


4. Strategic Planning:

   - Assisting clients in developing a strategic vision for their built environment, aligning architectural decisions with organizational goals.


5. Sustainability Consulting:

   - Integrating sustainable design principles and advising on green building practices to minimize environmental impact.


6. Interior Design Consulting:

   - Providing expertise on interior aesthetics, space planning, and material selection to create cohesive and functional interiors.


7. Historic Preservation:

   - Offering guidance on the preservation, restoration, or adaptive reuse of historic structures to maintain cultural and historical significance.


8. Code Compliance:

   - Ensuring that designs adhere to local building codes, regulations, and standards, and assisting with the permitting process.


9. Contract Administration:

    - Overseeing the execution of construction contracts, managing project schedules, and addressing issues that may arise during construction.


10. Cost Estimation:

    - Providing accurate cost estimates at various stages of a project to help clients make informed financial decisions.


11. Risk Management:

    - Identifying potential risks associated with the project and developing strategies to mitigate them.




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