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The wide variance in design prices may leave you perplexed, but understanding the factors influencing pricing can shed light on this disparity:

1. Project Scale:

Design fees correlate closely with project size. Smaller projects entail greater intricacy per unit area, necessitating more time and effort in decision-making, thus commanding higher prices compared to larger endeavors.

2. Complexity:

The complexity of a project directly impacts the design process. More intricate projects demand additional design time and expertise, particularly for specialized requirements such as high-rise hospitals or innovative construction systems.

3. Stakeholder Involvement:

Projects involving numerous stakeholders, such as municipalities or community organizations, require extensive documentation and coordination, contributing to higher costs.

4. Risk Factors:

Unique aspects of each project introduce potential risks and uncertainties. Renovations, in particular, involve assessing existing conditions and accommodating unforeseen challenges, necessitating flexibility in design and potentially impacting costs.

How are prices determined?

1. Percentage of Construction Cost:

Design fees are often calculated as a percentage of the total construction cost, subject to adjustments as the project scope evolves.

2. Fixed Fees:

Clear project specifications at the outset allow for fixed fee arrangements, with payments tied to predefined project milestones.

3. Hourly Rates:

Less common in Bulgaria, hourly pricing is typically reserved for specialized services like author's supervision. This approach offers flexibility, particularly for projects with evolving requirements.

A tailored pricing approach may combine elements of these methods, adapting to the project's unique characteristics. For ambiguous briefs, hourly rates can initially apply until the scope is clarified, at which point a more definitive pricing structure can be established, aligned with the client's preferences.

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